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Have You Found Everything About Cell Phones


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When the first cell phones were out, you probably knew nothing about them. When phones that were used anywhere else but home were first popular, most were getting them in their cars. Once the cellular came out in earnest, car phones were all but a thing of the past. Today, these are much more than just telephones, as they can do things that you use to have to get somewhere else, and some things that are totally new.

Other than basic phone calls, cell phones can send and receive text messages. These are short typed communications, and work much like an instant messenger would online. All you have to do is type a new message and send it to another cell phone that accepts these. They go instantly, and then the person can reply within minutes. When a phone call is not necessary, these are great tools for communication. You can use the same for photos and short videos as well.

Your cell phone may also be able to hook you up to the Internet for many things. You can check your email or find information you need when you are away from your home computer. You can even check your MySpace account. You can find pictures there, or you can see what the weather is going to be when you are traveling. Many plans come with this today, though what you get on your screen is not going to look like what you get on your computer. Due to bandwidth issues and the size of your screen, you can understand why that is.

Some phones, but not all, can give you access to driving directions, much like the GPS that might be in your car. They also allow you to have access to and to download music in many forms. These all cost extra in most cases, but some plans are now coming out that include everything listed above in the same price. That way you always know what you are going to pay not matter what you do with your phone.

You may know that your phone number through mobile services does not come up through a directory. What you may not know is that there are still places where people can get your number, or can trace it in reverse if they do not know who you are. You can use a reverse phone number search on your own if you wish when it comes to identifying most mobile numbers on your caller ID.

Susan has an undying knack for tech gadgets and cool tech websites. You can check out her latest techie project-a tool to find out who owns a cell phone number-at

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