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Cell Phones - The Greatest Invention of All Time?


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When it comes to deciding what the greatest invention of all time might be, you are going to hear many different people with many different ideas. There are many that think the printing press was one of the most important, and others think of more modern things when making their choices. While the cellular phone may not be the greatest invention of all time - it is certainly one of the most important and useful that has come along in the past few decades.

A working mother may say the microwave or the dishwasher is the greatest invention of all time, and that woman's husband may think the universal remote ranks up there among some of the best. In that same home, the teenager that is glued to friends is going to say that the Internet and mobile phones are the two great inventions that have had an effect on their lives. It's all a matter of perspective, of course.

Cell phones can do a lot, and that does lead some to wonder what they ever did before these things were common in households. They can take and make calls, but you do not have to be home to get those calls. You can also send text messages, which means you can ask someone a quick question or tell them something without having to call. Not everything needs a full phone call, and cell phones make it easier to have a quick conversation and then get on with your day.

Cells also have many new features that may people enjoy. They can give you driving directions, hook you up to your email through the Internet, allow you to download your favorite songs, and can also tell you what time it is on the other side of the world. They have features like a notepad and an alarm clock that can make your life so much easier.

Though cells are useful and popular, there are some problems. When you have a number, you know that you have more privacy and that your number is harder to find. On the flip side, you probably also realize that it is harder to trace an unknown number that comes through to your line. When you need to know, do a phone number search through a reverse phone lookup service to get details about any calling party.

Pierce Paulson is a freelance writer that enjoys writing about the latest trends in reverse phone technology. Check out his latest project at

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