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What Have You Tried in Reverse?


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There are some things that you need to do in a straight line, every time, and other things that should be tried from every angle to truly get the most benefit. For example, while you may want to make sure that you spray your perfume in the right direction every time you use it, you may find that if you take your usual dog walking route in reverse, you get a whole new perspective on your neighborhood.

It's strange how we're told all our lives to sit up straight, keep on the straight and narrow, and to always put your best foot forward, but nobody seems to tell you turn around and do something backwards. The thing is, there are many benefits to being able to reverse the way you do things so that you can achieve whole new benefits to what you're doing.

For example, if you limit yourself to only forward phone searches, you'll only be able to find information by using the person or company's name to locate the data. On the other hand, if you brand out and look at things the other way around, you can perform a backward telephone lookup and discover a whole new range of information by using the number as your searching term.

Remember, solving mysteries and thinking outside the box means that you're not just doing the obvious, but you're taking things at angles you may never have considered before. Try to be a reverse phone detective and you'll realize that you've been missing out on a lot of information that had been right at your fingertips and yet never accessed until that moment.

Start simple, and work your way up. This means that you can begin by checking the accuracy of the information in your personal address book by looking into the numbers and making sure that they're up-to-date. Then, you can look up all of the unidentified numbers that appear on your Caller ID when you've missed a call. This will reveal the name of the caller, or tell you if it was simply a telemarketer you're glad you missed.

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