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Strange Cellphone Ringtones

Alok Kumar

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In the recent years, cellular phones have become increasingly popular, and they have been enriched with many modern functions and factors. Now cellphones are not only phones, but also music players, DVD players, digital cameras, video cameras and much more . The same story occurred with ringtones too, just like the clothes and the accessories that go with them, ringtone singing out of your mobile phone notifies your likes, dislikes, tastes, personality and character.

In modern times, people have gotten used to hear ringtones full of personalities. We can feel the fun, joy, and delight from ringtones every time they ring. Music ringtones are generally in MP3, WMA, WAV or AMR format, of which, MP3 is a very compressed format and is the most popular. Music ringtones play a vital role in the music industry and it will be authenticated in the near future.

A kind of strange ringtone has become fashionable on the web currently, it is said “students can hear the rings while teachers cannot; kids can hear while parents cannot; employees can hear while old bosses cannot". Could it be that this kind of ringtone is really what the younger generation needs? As a matter of fact, otologists claim that not only teenagers can hear these ringtones, but some adults can also hear them. In addition, it can cause injury to human hearing when the sound frequency is higher than 14400Hz, which is also called high-frequency sound, some people are more sensitive to high-frequency sound, but others are not. Moreover, based on some new scientific research, hearing curves tin adults tend to decline, having minimal impact on ordinary hearing. So many people believe that these strange ringtones use the sound meter, not the high-frequency, thereby declaring it a new breakthrough in field of ringtones.

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