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High Resolution Camera Phones Up to 8 Mega Pixel


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Many aspects as well as features have changed since the first camera phone became available in the market. The cameras that were coming out then had considerable resolution but were still infants and had a scope of improvement. The companies made this statement donning on the garb of reality by launching mobile phones with higher and much higher resolution. Hence today the handset arena is full of high resolution camera phones and also awaits the entry of many staggeringly high resolution vested cameras. Many brands have become legendary because of their ability to stand out from the rest of the mob. There have been products of companies like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson as well as LG which have been the much talked about handsets because of features that had made them into the best choices for a large number of handset users all over the world. The camera is just one of those feature which has contributed towards the strengthening of the brand image of the parent groups and the iconic status of their respective products.

Hence there have been skullbusters which have had the ability to take better pictures than its rivals and has thus intensified the fame as well as the business prospects of the company that has made it. However technology is a volatile element and hence keeps on changing. Therefore cameras have gained in terms of resolution as well as in terms of additional features in the form of many handsets. Thus high resolution camera phones have become a frequently witnessed phenomenon today.

There have been many products with decent cameras and the present mobile phone market also has many handsets with quite high resolution camera phones. One of them is the Samsung G800. This is a landmark handset is terms of its ability to take good and high quality as well as clear pictures with the minimum amount of blurring. Hence this product has a 5 mega pixels camera which has the ability to take pictures which have a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels. Then this handset also has features like autofocus which relieves the person of the task of focusing before taking a picture. There is also a Flash feature incorporated by Xenon which makes the activity of taking the picture in dull conditions very easy. The additional feature of a 3x optical zoom makes the task of taking the picture of loved ones and friends or even natural beauties such as flowers, very easy and also makes the picture extremely nice to look at. This is hence a good camera phone and gives all the benefits feasible with a high resolution camera handset.

The Samsung D980 is another good example due to the presence of a 5 mega pixels camera makes this handset into a perfect medium for taking all those beautiful moments in the form of images which are extremely good as a result of the image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels-a feature of this masterpiece of a camera. This handset can also take great pictures when the time is dusk or dawn due to the feature of flash and also the picture quality is enhanced as a result of the feature called autofocus.

There are many other handsets which have or are about to come out in the market and their major USP is their camera. One is Samsung i8510 with 8 Mega Pixel Camera and other is the Samsung SCH-V770. These are mind boggling handset with a 7 and 8 mega pixels digital camera which have the ability to take fabulous pictures and also has the power of taking fantastic close up shots with the help of 5x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom. There is also a product of the group Nokia which is supposed to have a camera with a resolution of about 8 mega pixels. Hence high resolution cameras are a fact of the present as well as of the future and the world is yet to see more magical wonders in the field of high resolution camera phones.

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Digital Camera Resolution
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