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How to Find a Friend's Address From Their Cell Phone Number


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You probably have a ton of saved phone numbers in your contacts located in your cellular phone. Most of these could be friends. Friendships can be complicated, and we can make mistakes that hurt others - even when we care about them very much. If you have had a problem with someone, and you want to do all that you can to make it up to them, you may want to mail them a letter, card, or have something delivered that says how sorry you are. However, you can't do this without an address. What do you do?

If you have their cell phone number, which is probably true, you have a way to find their address. Though we swap numbers with ease when we make new friends, we often have trouble remembering that addresses are often important too. That means you could know someone very well for years, and you have no idea what their postal mailing address may be. Someone else may know it, but if not, you can find it for yourself online.

That cellular number can lead you nowhere, but that will not be something that you know. What you have to think about is the personality of your friend. You may know that they are on FaceBook or Myspace, but do you know if they have any profiles on professional networking sites? They may if they are in a professional or freelance career. You should use that number, and their name, to search them out there. If they have such a profile, you are going to find an address there. Problem solved.

You can also try to do a general search online through the search engines. This does not always do much, but it can. You may know not to have mention of your cellular number online, but not everyone knows that. If you find the number on a site somewhere for whatever reason, you may also see that their address is listed there for you.

When nothing else works, you have another site to try before you give up looking online. You can use a reverse lookup to search a phone number . Some sites have hard to find mobile and unlisted home numbers in their databases, and can pull them up along with postal and even email addresses as times.

Martin Verite is a freelance reporter and technologist who has spent years covering the telecommunications industry. Find out everything you need to know about reverse cell phone lookups at his site


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