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Increasing Popularity of Latest Ringtones

Jitesh Arora

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Ring tones have become part of our lives. One listens to it while waiting for somebody to pick up the phone after giving a call or when somebody gives him a call. Over the internet, millions of ring tones are available in various formats are available. Ring tones have also become very sophisticated with the advent of computers in mobile phones.

These are the days when people would do anything to get noticed. They are ready to go to any extent like dressing up differently, coloring hair in an awkward manner, piercing their body parts, tattooing etc. They just want to stand apart from the crowd and get attention. The trend of getting noticed is by setting personalized ring tones for the cell phones. This eagerness for acknowledgement results in people browsing the internet to download cell phone tones and get them customized and personalized. Many are in the habit of unleashing their creativity by composing their own ring tones with the help of ring tone composer and ring tone converter.

Ring tones reveal the personality of the user. His tastes, culture, character, likes and dislikes are indicated by the ring tone he uses. The chirping of birds, sounds of nature etc emanating from the cell phone proclaims the fact that the person is a nature lover. Melodies of various kinds would be flowing from the cell phone of a music lover. Whatever may be ones choices, just he has to browse through to get his heart`s contentment.

Another advantage of using a different ring tone is that an individual can recognize the ringing of his own phone even in a crowded market place, where numerous phones would be ringing at the same time. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of ring tones is shooting up.

Young people are crazy about ring tones Adults are also not far behind. The desire to acquire new ring tones is there in every mobile user. But the fact is that cheap prices and accessibility through internet have roused the curiosity of even the uninterested ones. The ring tone industry has grown into a profitable business encashing on the fun factor behind the ring tones Many companies providing ring tones have rose up into prominence, which is a proof for the popularity of ring tones among the public.

Even though there are three types of ring tones the True tones or Real tones are much popular these days. They are the audio recordings of different formats like MPs and AAC. Mostly all the new models can play them and are much sought after.

The companies providing ring tones earn a fast buck these days. They are a major source of their income. Music companies also earn huge profits by selling tunes to ringtone companies. The yearly income generated by the ring tone industry is two to three times more than that of the average sales of Nokia, which is a leading cell phone company. Thus it is proved that while ring tones are indispensable to the common man, it is a means of huge fortune to yet another group.

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