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The Mosquito Ringtone


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There are many new and interesting things being developed each day with the many changes in electronics and miniaturization of thing like the cell phone it is truly amazing.

There is something new that has come into the world of cell phones. Ringtones have grown in huge numbers as there are so many being produced each day. People use them as a way of giving themselves a unique signature a another way for people to express them selves to others, so depending on the song that plays or the type of sound it might make when it rings can be a unique way of standing out in a crowd

But now there is a new kind of ringtone hitting the scene and it's called the mosquito ringtone, it has some very interesting properties about it. Only people of a certain age can hear it. As we get older the range of sound frequency changes and we don't hear the higher sound frequency that young people do.

So these mosquito ringtones can only be heard by people of a certain age group and not heard by others. This makes for some interesting circumstances for instances a student in school would normally have to leave there cell phone off in school, could now have there cell phone on and the teacher could not hear it

I could see were a mosquito ringtone might be a lot of fun when your standing in a crowd and the phone happens to ring and every one around starts to look around to see were this blood sucker is coming from so to avoid getting bit by this pest. I would say it would likely get a fair amount of attention as people are really Leary of getting bit now a day with all the deadly disease one has to be on the watch for.

The mosquito ringtones I am sure is just a pre-cursor of the next generation to come first the mosquito ringtone and then maybe the bumble be ring tone I am sure that one would get a lot of attention as well.

To find out more about getting a free Mosquito Ringtone click the link.


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