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Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Sites Be Careful


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There are a lot of so called “free" reverse cell phone lookup websites out there, but are they really free and if so, is the information up to date and accurate? What about the paid services, do they have better resources? Do they even have the information you're looking for?

The truth is there are ways to find all the information you need about any cell phone number if you know where to look. You can get information such as the phone owner's name and current address, other phone numbers belonging to the owner, address history and more.

There are many reasons why you may want to find out more information about who owns an unrecognized phone number such as finding the source of a harassing caller. Perhaps you suspect your spouse is cheating with a caller or that your child is sneaking around with someone that their not suppose to be with.

Whatever the reason I'm sure it is very important for you to find the answers you're looking for. If you don't know whether the number you have is a cellular phone number or a residential number you could first try the number in a free reverse phone lookup service. These sites are great for finding basic information such as name and address; however, they only work for landlines and not cell phone numbers.

Landline numbers are freely available in the public domain which means that the information can be easily copied and compiled into directories. Collecting and compiling cell phone numbers, on the other hand is a very involved and costly process. This is why you will not find this service offered free for cellular numbers.

Many websites advertise free reverse cellphone lookup, but they are just trying to get you to visit their site. Their hope is that you will click one of their ads because they get paid a small fee for every click. Even the paid sites advertise that you can look up the number for free, but they only give you very basic information. You will always have to pay to get the full report including name and address, etc.

You also have to be careful on which paid service you choose. There are sites out there that will actually charge you and provide you with outdated information, much of which is obsolete. Others may sign you up to a membership site where you are billed monthly. So how do you safely get the answers you need? First, only deal with a service that offers a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't get real results you shouldn't have to pay. Also make sure you only have to pay a onetime fee with no recurring charges.

While there are no truly, free reverse cell phone lookup websites, you can find the information you want for a small, onetime fee. I found one service that matches the above requirements and is the next best thing to a high priced private investigator; In fact, they use the same research services and databases as the PI's. You can have your answers in less than 5 minutes from now at Cellular Answers .


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