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What Makes a Forward Directory Different From a Reverse Directory


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If you need to find out information on a person, whether it is because you require or need to verify the address of someone you know, would like their phone number to contact them, or would simply like to find out the identity of an individual, there are online services that can assist you.

Depending on the details you have that you can use for your search, and the information you would like to find, you might require a forward search or a reverse phone lookup. Although these tracing services are very similar, as they both involve finding out information on a phone consumer and attaining facts from phone records and directories, there is a difference between the two.

People, who use a forward directory, are typically looking for the phone number of someone they know. In order to conduct this investigation, you are required to provide the person's last name, and include a few other details to help focus the search (I. E. the first name, city or state the person resides in, or zip code). What will a forward directory provide you with? All of the information listed in a public phone book: name, address, telephone number, phone provider.

A reverse directory, on the other hand, searches phone numbers. Thus, those who use this service usually only have a phone number, and are primarily trying to find out the identity of the person who owns the number they do not recognize. What information can you expect to find in a reverse phone directory? The details listed in a public phone book - name, address, phone provider.

However, you should be aware that while you may use a forward search to obtain a person's listed telephone number, you cannot use this service to obtain a private or wireless number. This is considered illegal and an invasion of privacy. Conversely, the same is not true for phone number traces, and the reason is because the person investigating already has the number they are searching, and it is within their privacy right to find out who has called them.

Thus, if you do not find the information you seek with a free forward search, you cannot pay to track it, but you can pay to run a reverse cell phone lookup to access the information that exists within its paid directory of private phone records.

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