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Reverse Phone Lookups Using a Phone Number to Find an Old Friends Address


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You may employ the services of a reverse phone lookup if you want to find out the identity of a phone owner, but did you know that you can also use this lookup to find an old friend's address or even update the addresses you have in your phone book? Thus, finding out someone's address can not only help you find out from where a person may be calling, but it can also provide you with a friend's new address, or inform you that they no longer live at the address you once knew.

Looking up an address is fairly simple and, as was mentioned, can be done with a reverse number search. You will, of course, need the 10-digit number (area code and 7-digit telephone number) belonging to your friend. Enter it into the search box and see what facts are returned.

What type of results should you expect? The full address (which includes the name and number of the street, the city, state and zip code) can be found for both regular telephone lines and cellular phone numbers. Nevertheless, the complete address of a mobile phone number is only divulged when the searcher pays for the information, whereas a listed wire line number will provide you with this location data at no cost, simply because it is publicly available.

Therefore, if you are simply updating an address you already have written in your phone book, and you know the number you have belongs to a landline phone, search this number and observe the last name of the owner and compare addresses. You should be able to determine pretty quickly whether or not the information you have is valid or not.

If you only have a cellular phone number, and would like to try and avoid paying the fee for the search, you can try a forward search to find out if your friend has a listed telephone number. A forward search requires details such as your friend's last name, first name and their city, state or zip code. If you are not sure of the general location details, find out this information by running the area code of their cellular number though a reverse area code lookup, which will at least provide you with the name of the state associated with the number.

In the event no results are found, it may be that if your friend has a listed number, it is listed under the name of the person they live with. Thus if you have no luck with a forward search, you will be required to pay a small fee for a reverse cell phone lookup to find your friend's address information.

Travis Craig writes informative articles about phone number searches, area codes layouts, and how to find out more information about them. To find more information on the caller location of any U. S. phone number-including more about free reverse phone lookups-visit


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