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Shopping for a Cell Phone


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I realized the other day that my two year cell phone service contract period will be coming to an end next month. It always excites me because this means that I will be getting for a new cell phone with my contract renewal. Over the past six years I have had Motorola brand cell phones. However, I am convinced that there are better brands of cell phones available on the market, like LG, Samsung and Nokia.

I used to have a Nokia and it seemed to be indestructible. I even ran over the phone with a stretch cab Ford Powerstroke, and the screen busted, but the phone would still make and receive calls perfectly fine! On the other hand, I have seen my Motorola phones slip out of my hands and hit the ground and break off into pieces and occasionally have to mail them in for a replacement unit. I do not consider myself clumsy or accident prone, but I can assure you accidents will happen over a span of two years.

I began my cell phone shopping with the bias opinion that Nokia and LG are two brand names that I admire and respect through informative word of mouth recommendations from friends and family. As I have read consumer reviews about various phones made by these companies, I have found that it is difficult to make a decision. There are a few things that I value most among the different features and functions in cell phones. Things I consider while shopping and forming a decision of preference for cell phones include speaker phone volume, battery life, size of screen, sleek size, available cell phone accessories, and other things I discover to be major points made by consumers in their reviews.

In addition to the things I have considered above, an emerging popular trend in cell phone usage includes Web browser and Instant Messaging capabilities. I was very attracted to the iPhone in this aspect because of its smooth animation and graphical user interface for searching the Web. When I looked at other cell phones with Web browsing capabilities I noticed that the iPhone had a larger than average screen size, however it is still small to me. How can you actually navigate through Web pages with a small screen that could fit in your pocket? My eyes are not as good as they used to be, but I can see children loving it.

Finally, I am continuing to search for the best phone, which balances all of my concerns for the features and Web browser capabilities. It should be a good decision because I will have my phone of choice for the next two years. Or I could even choose to go with one of the cell phones offered with the pay as you go cell phone plans. The only disadvantage to the pay as you go cell phone plans is that I will actually have to pay for the cell phone up front instead of paying for it by locking my self into a service contract. Nevertheless, there are many options out there so I am sure to find just the right cell phone for me.

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