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Are You Too Young For A Mobile Phone?


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Mobile phones have become a part of everyday life, and many people can not imagine how they lived without one. There are so many different types of mobile phone now available, with all types of different features such as MP3 players, cameras, video recorders, internet browsers and email clients, so it is no wonder that the latest, flashiest mobile phones are wanted by children and teenagers everywhere.

Kids always want the newest toy or gadget and mobile phones are high on their wish lists. But at what age should children be allowed to have a mobile phone? Some parents allow their children to have a mobile phone when they are still in primary school, and although they can be a good safety measure allowing contact between parent and child at all times, parents should still think about whether or not a mobile phone is really needed, or if its just a fashion statement.

Some parents take out contract mobile phones for their children as they find it cheaper than paying for a pay as you go handset up front, especially if purchasing an expensive handset. This isn't always a good idea as there is no way of limiting calls on a contract, and children can run up high mobile phone bills, especially if they do not understand the network charges. You must be 18 to sign up to a mobile phone contract in the UK and there are good reasons for this.

So how old should your child be to have there own mobile phone? There is no specific answer but parents should take the advice below into account.

If a mobile phone is needed to keep parent and child in touch, opt for a pay as you go deal preferably with a cheap handset. This will allow you to stay in touch with you child, they won't be able to run up a high bill, and thieves shouldn't target them for there expensive handset. Stick to these simple tips for hassle free mobile phones for your children.

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