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CECT P168 Accessories - They're Readily Available And Inexpensive


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I own a CECT P168 and I'm often stopped by people on the street and at work to ask me about it. People are intrigued by this little phone as it offers iPhone performance for ΒΌ the price, but people have told me the hesitate to buy the phone because they assume that because it is an import, it's either difficult or expensive to get accessories for it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not only are the accessories readily available, but they're also very inexpensive. (There is a link for cheap accessories at the end of this article. ) There's absolutely no need to hesitate to buy the phone because you are worrying about the accessories. Here are the accessories I'm most often asked about:

CECT P168 Instruction Manuals And User's Guide: People thinking of buying the CECT P168 worry that because this is a Chinese product, they won't understand the instructions. Most don't realize that you can easily get instructions and User's Manuals in English for less than a few bucks. (Link below).

Memory And Sim Cards: Since the Iclone has two Sim slots (as opposed to the one available in the iPhone), you may well one day need a new Sim or memory card. You can get one very easily for about $10.

Replacement Batteries: With the iPhone, you have to go to a dealer when you battery goes dead. But the CECT P168 allows you to easily replace the battery yourself. And batteries are very cheap on this model, running usually at about $3.

Cases And Skins: People love to accessorize their cell phones with skins and cases and the CECT P168 is no exception. You can get skins and cases in many colors, textures in materials for this item without a problem. And most of these are under $5.

Car Chargers / Car Accessories / And Home Chargers: All cell phones need to be charged eventually. Chargers for use at both home and in your car are readily available for this model. Again, usually under five bucks.

Hands Free And Head Sets: These items are very popular for people on the go or in their car. They will run you about $15.

I hope this article has shown you that you don't need to know Chinese or ship in items from China to have everything you need for you CECT P168. Everything you need is readily available and very inexpensive.

Click here to visit The CECT P168 Accesories Website. Rae Edwards is a product researcher and owner of the CECT P168 Product Review website.


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