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In today's world, most people communicate through the use of cellular phones. It's hard to believe that fifteen years ago cell phones were a rarity. Below is a history of cellular phone chronicling the dawn of the cell phone to its current state.

Samuel Morse Invents the Telegraph

Any history of cellular phone starts with Samuel Morse. He conceived an electromagnetic telegraph in 1832 and constructed an experimental version in 1835. Then, on October 18, 1842, Morse laid wires between Governor's Island and Castle Garden, New York, a distance of about a mile. Part of that circuit was under water because Morse wanted to show that an underwater cable could transmit signals as well as a copper wire suspended on poles. But before he could complete this demonstration a passing ship pulled up his cable, ending, it seemed, his experiment. However, undaunted, Morse proceeded without the cable, passing his telegraph signals through the water itself. This introduced the concept of wireless by conduction, which can be considered as the first event in the history of cellular phone. Quite simply, Samuel Morse’s telegraph was the first device to send messages by electricity and marked a turning point in the history of cellular phone.

1843 - This year marked the second major event in the history of cellular phone. A skilled analytical chemist by the name of Michael Faraday began exhaustive research into whether space could indeed conduct electricity, using the principles already established by telegraphy. His discoveries have had an incalculable effect on technical development toward cellular phone development and his contribution can never be excluded when scripting the history of cellular phone.

1865 - The next record in the history of cellular phone, Dr. Mahlon Loomis of Virginia, a dentist, may have been the first person to communicate through wireless via the atmosphere. He developed a method of transmitting and receiving messages by using the Earth's atmosphere as a conductor and launching kites enclosed with a copper screens that were linked to the ground with copper wires. This scripted a major chapter in the history of cellular phone.

1973 - Dr Martin Cooper's contribution is worth mentioning in the history of cellular phone, he is considered the inventor of the first portable handset. Dr. Cooper had a major part to play in the history of cellular phone. He was a former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, and the first person in the history of cellular phone, to make a call on a portable cellular phone.

1977 - Another major happening in the history of cellular phone. Cell phones go public, with the first working prototype of a cell phone in the history of cellular phone, being the Motorola Dyna-Tac. Public cell phone testing began. The city of Chicago was where the first trials began with 2000 customers, and eventually other cell phone trials appeared in the Washington D. C. and Baltimore area. Japan began testing cellular phone service in 1979. This was the first time ever in the history of cellular phone that people got a look at this new technology.

1988 - This year, in the history of cellular phone, changed many of the technologies that had become typical in the past. The Cellular Technology Industry Association (CTIA) was developed to lay down practical goals for cellular phone providers. This included research for new applications for cell phone development.

In spite of the unbelievable demand, it took cellular phone service 37 years total to become commercially accessible in the US. According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, today there are more than 60 million customers with cellular phones, even though wireless service was just invented nearly 50 years ago.

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