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Nearly all cell phones today have a built-in camera, but if you are serious about taking photos and would like to order prints the basic mid-range phone is not enogh. The picture quality is limited by the resolution, and cameras on a typical cell phone today use 1.0 megapixels or less rather than the 2.0 or 3.0 megapixels common in digital cameras.

This is why buying a camera phone is more than a matter of picking a mobile phone with a camera.

Phone With a Camera
This is choice if your phone is for making phone calls, but you would like to take snapshots, save photos on the phone only, send them to friends and you have a decent digital camera. All cell phone manufacturers have these mid-range models with built-in cameras. The camera on this phone is most likely 1-megapixel or less.

Something More
If you would like to have a phone that takes pictures you could add to your photo album I would say a good quality 1-megapixel is minimum. Remember this is a very personal question and depends on what you are used to.

If your photo album is full of snapshots taken with the old pocket camera then 1-megapixel might be a step forward in quality. Good candidates for this category are the 1.3-megapixel Motorola E815 that has made it to the CNET Editors´Top Wireless list.

I want the Best
For some reason if nothing but the best is good enough for you. If you need the best quality pictures you can get with a cell phone here are some 2-megapixel models to consider: Samsung MM-A800, Sony Ericsson K750i, Nokia N90 or Siemens SXG75.

Things to Remember When Buying a Camera Phone

- Camera phones can be bulky
- Camera phones do not take good pictures in the dark
- A lens cover is good

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Camera Phones - Redefining Photography
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