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When you hear that some of your business phones don't work, you may need to replace them. Maybe it is a bad phone. However, if the employee says they can't hear or be heard well enough, you should check a couple of simple things before you replace the whole phone.

Ask if the problem occurs on speakerphone calls or just when using the handset. If its only the latter, try taking a handset that is known to work. Put it on the phone with trouble. If it eliminates the problem, you need a replacement handset.

I believe that tens of thousands of phones are discarded by businesses each year that only needed a new handset.

By the way, you might try replacing the handset cord as well. This is less often a source of trouble, but it does happen and is easy to check. Yes, we carry handset cords as well.

If you want to replace a handset, you'll need to know the color, the phone model and the phone system. Believe it or not, different handsets are required for phone systems from the same manufacturer. The Avaya Partner telephone systems has two completely different handset styles.

Handset replacement is to do by yourself. It will also save you time and money.

Bob Mrozinski

Owner of Applied Voice and Data, a broker of refurbished and new business phone system equipment from many manufacturers. Bob's eighteen years in the phone industry are mostly on the sales side. By visiting with customers in person and on the phone for so long, he has acquired a knack for honing in on what a customer really needs to make real world applications work.


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