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If you think having a cordless phone is convenient and practical, wait till you get a cordless digital phone unit. With a range of up to 300 meters from its base, you can take calls while you spruce up your garden shrubs; have it at an arm’s reach when you are outside soaking up the sun in your backyard pool; or take it with you anywhere in your house. Cordless digital phones have longer range capacities compared to their analog counterparts. They outrange normal cordless phones by five times the latter’s capacity.

Extended range coverage is not the only better feature of a cordless digital phone over other house phones. Digital technology also lessens interference, giving you high-quality speech and sound that you otherwise get from a corded model. When you go outside and expose the unit to interference coming from different kinds of transmitters and transceivers that use radio waves and frequencies, you will get the same quality of transmission as if you are inside the house.

Cordless digital phones are also easier to secure. Some of the more advanced models feature alphanumeric scrambling schemes that serve as security protocols. This solves the security problem posed by analog models. You can be sure that no free-riding neighbor can hack into your phone line with his own cordless unit and make overseas calls.

With a built-in memory device, you can store names and contact numbers in a cordless phone. The next time you want to call a friend, just key the first few letters of his name and the phone automatically presents his number from memory.

Cordless digital phones are, however, more expensive that their analog counterparts. But what you pay more in dollars, you get back in terms of security, high and better mobility and clear, interference-free conversation.

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