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What did we do before cell phone became popular? We either made our phone calls before we left home or made them once we got home. And, if someone called and you missed their call, either the answering machine got the message or the person called back. Now a days the cell phone is like a credit card, DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.

I myself, hate the cell phone. I do own one, but only because I do a lot of traveling and in case my family needs to get in touch with me in case of an emergency. Otherwise, I wouldn't own one. If you can't get in touch with me while I am home then you won't be able to talk to me. I don't give my phone number out to anyone other than my family and my boss at work. They are the only ones that would have the need to get in touch with me when I'm not at home.

I see people with their cell phone hanging off their ear at work and on the highway all the time. How much work do you really get done if you are always talking on the phone to a friend. And the highway. I have been run off the side of the interstate quite a few times because the other driver is on his or her cell phone and not paying attention to the road. There are accidents all the time that involves cell phones. I have actually been run off the road by a semi-tractor and trailer, all because he was on his cell phone and not paying attention.

I have missed a lot of phone calls from my husband while I am traveling, because I won't answer the call. I wait until I come to an exit, find a parking lot and make sure I am parked before I call him back. He doesn't call as often now, because he knows I won't answer the phone.

There have been studies made on cell phone and the end results claim that being on a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as a drunk driving.

And, did you know that there is not one state that has ban the use of a cell phone while driving an automobile or truck. The only ban is for drivers under 18 and school bus drivers, and that is only in a few states. Can you believe that. All the accidents from the use of a cell phone and nothing is being done about it. Again, I ask, what is wrong with this picture. Continue


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