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You should remember that not all Satellite phones in the market are programmed to follow identical work culture. Some Satellite phones function only in certain predetermined geographical areas and certain others may work anywhere on the globe.


1. First decide whether you need a country specific handset or a handset with global access.

2. Then decide which type of satellite phone you require. What are your options: (1) a handset which offers voice and slow access data, (2) a handset which ensures a high quality voice reproduction together with data which are basic in nature, and, (3) a handset that can offer a very high quality voice along with data which can be accessed in real good time.

3. There are many services available. You have to decide which services you need most and which services will be of immense help to you and your vocation. SMS- Short Messaging Service is the in thing in cellular phones today. VMS-Voice Mail Service with caller ID, High Speed Data Services etc are some services that go with some of the handsets. Paging services, going slowly out of reckoning, is also available. There are handsets that have inbuilt in wireless capabilities in case if you use the handset indoors mostly.

4. Size! The size of the handset is very important. For a person with a fast-forward life-style a small size handset with less weight will be sine qua non. High-end products are mostly in the size of a laptop computer and only you can decide whether such a thing can readily be blended into you daily chores. Constant carrying is not that easy.

5. If you take a handset on rental, ensure from the company that the insurance part of it is taken care by them – if it is possible!

6. Before buying, or, renting talk to different people who own different sets with different configurations in order to arrive at the right brand.

7. Ensure from the company that the domestic calls do not attract high per minute rates. It should be very low.

If you need a service with data transfer, decide which speed range is needed for your handset – 9.6 kbps to 28.8 kbps is presently available.

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