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Ringtone refers to the sound produced by a telephone to indicate an incoming call. Now this term is repeatedly used to refer to the customizable sounds available on cell phones. The conventional ringtone was in the 440 to 480 Hz range.

However, with the increase in the usage of cell phones, varied types of ringtones were made available within the cell phone itself, like monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and truetones. A polyphonic ringtone means that two or more independent melodic parts are played in tandem.

Current cell phones can play four to forty individual notes and/or tones simultaneously. Formerly, cell phones were available only with monophonic ringtones. However, with the advancements in technology, polyphonic ringtones literally ousted monophonic ringtones—obviously because of their superior quality.

A polyphonic ringtone plays different instrument sounds, such as guitar, drums, electronic piano, etc. , concurrently. This feature was a rage that blazed the cell phone world. Cell phone manufacturers grabbed the opportunity to run their competitors out by developing excellent speakers to produce quality sound.

Cell phone handsets are available for purchase with an array of pre-installed polyphonic ringtones. Cell phone users who are not satiated with these can download ringtones from various sources like the Internet, other cell phones, etc. Most of the polyphonic ringtones offered are available for a charge, although some of them are free. The common way to obtain a ringtone is by downloading it from other cell phone user’s handset. Many companies thrive by selling ringtones. The record industry is also blooming with the royalties they receive from the sale of ringtones.

Thus, polyphonic ringtones, with the ability to play multiple tones and/or notes at the same time, produce realistic sounds for melodies.

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