The Development of the Mobile Phone


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With origins dating back to the radio phones of the early 1950s, mobile phones have come quite a long distance to arrive where they are at the present. These mobile or cellular phones have basically revolutionized the way in which we communicate. Now an individual can get in touch with another person anywhere, given that the individual has reception, and communicate with ease. Cell phones have become quite the trend as of late and have even begun to oust regular home phones in terms of the quantity of people subscribing.

Mobile phones have grown into somewhat of a cultural symbol as well. Many people refer to their cellular devices as part of their attire and regard them essentially as fashion accessories, much like a purse or hat. Accessorizing mobile phones has also developed into a rather popular trend with people ornamenting their cellular devices with decorative faceplates and customizing their ringtones to suit their personality. Some people go so far as to consider them status symbols also and suggest that any in style individual should own a mobile phone.

Along with becoming an emblematic cultural object, cell phones have, in essence, evolved into all-in-one gadgets allowing a user to take pictures, connect to the internet and store important information. They have also developed into a safety article. To clarify, cell phone customers in Japan are alerted over their phone of potential natural disasters by their cell phone company completely free of charge. Moreover signals given off by cell phones can help trapped individuals be located in the event of some calamity.

Not without some disadvantage however, mobile phones have become a minor nuisance and have actually been banned from particular places due to their often disruptive nature. Classrooms, doctor's offices, libraries and movie theatres frequently have signs posted outside them warning cell phone owners that use in that particular area is strictly prohibited.

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