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Email Set Up - Clients For the CECT i9


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I'm commonly asked about sending, receiving and setting up email on the CECT i9. Since web browsing and messaging are a big draw to this phone, people want to optimize their choices and options. They want a free, secure, and fast program that doesn't require a lot of memory or cost. This article will outline some of the best email clients and sets up for the i9 clone.

Understanding Email And Your Data Plan: Your needs may depend on whether you have an unlimited data plan (often on contracts) or are using a prepaid data plan via SIM card. Those using prepaid options will often want to use a client that doesn't require a lot of memory or downloads. My son uses this phone with an AT&T go phone SIM for which he either purchases a $4.99 or $9.99 data plan. He can often check his email using very minimal memory. In fact, the go phone system will tell you how much the last transaction costs. He has a few different clients set up and none of them cost him more than a few cents each time he checks his mail.

However, his friend downloads a lot of movies and watches a lot of you tube, so this sort of set up isn't going to work as well for him. In his case, it's smarter to use one of the unlimited cards (often on T Mobile) that you can often get for around $20.

A List Of Messaging Clients That Work Well With The i9: Below, I will list clients that are quick, free, and don't require a lot of fanfare. But first, I want you to know that the Java browser Opera Mini is going to make all of these work better and faster. Using this instead of the installed WAP browser will compress the data into a smaller amount of memory and space. The screen displays better and you can see more messages on your screen. This is a free and easy download that is readily available.

You will also need to know and input your POP and STMP servers, but this is usually readily available by Googling your provider's name and settings. Then, just input these settings as directed (this is sometimes something like incoming. for POP and outgoing. for STMP) but check to make sure.

Gmail: I know that this program is widely used, but I believe that is because it's so versatile and easy. Opera mini will place cookies on this program so that you don't have to log in and out and can check your mail in one press of a button. The program is free and very customizable. You can have the program check and forward email from up to five other accounts, which makes it ultra convenient and all you really need. It also stores your contacts, preferences, etc. so that you don't have to waste your phone's memory.

Free Java Programs: If you don't want to use gmail, there are many free Java programs available that are quick and cheap to use. Some examples are the following: Mobail; Movamail (very fast because it really compresses the information); Keeda Check Email; Easy Mail, and Emoze (free push mail).

Your Own Provider: Many providers have mobile log in pages. (You'll need to make sure you're using the mobile version or it won't display properly. ) This is straightforward because you don't have to dig down the pop or SMTP settings since you're using the original provider, but you often have to keep logging in.

Web2Mail: If you don't want to deal with your POP and STMP settings (which really is very easy), this is a good website that only requires your email address and password to access your mail.

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Functional Advertising - From Clients' Lips To Clients' Ears
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