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I9 and iPhone Comparison (Plus a Comparison to the SciPhone, T32, M88, and P168)


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There's no question that the CECT i9 is a best seller today.   It's a great phone and I often write about it.   I'm often asked how it compares to many other phones such as Apple's iPhone or other popular CECT phones like the SciPhone i68, the T32 / M88, and the original P168. I'll compare this phone to other models in this article in an attempt to help you decide if it's a good fit for you.

i9 Versus The iPhone:  Of course, the basic difference between these two is that the clone is contract free.   It will work with any GSM carrier which uses a sim card.   You can do most anything with the knock off that you can do with the original.   And, there are a few bonus features too.    The knock off is a dual sim which means that you can have two phone numbers or networks. It also has FM radio and you can remove the battery yourself.   With the original, you have to let the dealer do this for you and I believe this cost around $79.   In short, this is a great substitute if you want the technology of the iPhone without the contract.

i9 Versus The T32 / M88: The T32 and the M88 are very similar phones, but the 88 is quad band while the 32 is only tri band.   Still, both of these phones have WiFi, GPS, and Windows Mobile.   Although the 9 has Java which allows you to download thousands of applications and software, it doesn't have the WiFi, GPS, or Windows.   But, you'll pay more for these, which are around $100 more in price.

CECT i9 Vs The SciPhone:  These phones are so similar that these terms are often used interchangeably by sellers.   But, there are a few tiny differences.   Many of the 9s have 2.0 mega pixel cameras as opposed to the i68's 1.3 mega pixel camera.   Also, the 9 has “dual sim active, " while the Sci has “dual sim standby. "  The difference is that with the 9, you don't have to switch back and forth between the two.   Both of them can be on line at once.

i9 Versus P168: The 9 is an upgrade of the P168 and many consumers believe that this model successfully combines what was right with the original iClone and other popular models like the HiPhone and the A88.   The upgrades were that the phone was made a quad band, included the “shake and tilt" feature (advancing music by shaking the phone), added Java so that you could download applications and software, enabled the phone to hold up to 8GB of memory, and no longer requiring your to switch back and forth between both sims.

The price on this phone has always been comparatively low because this one is widely available.   You can often get one in the $100 dollar range.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications, and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9, please click here or visit


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