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How Good Are CECT Phones?


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I often write about imported cloned phones.   Not all of them are CECT phones, but most are.    I'm often asked questions like “just how good are the CECT phones?" or “is the quality OK?"  I will answer these questions in this article and outline two of the best selling models - the P168 iClone and the i9.

CECT Often Offers All Of The Features On The Cheap: Many people are skeptical of these phones because their price is so low and, since they don't require a contract, you do save a lot of money over the life of the phone because you are able to chose your own low cost carrier (or carriers, as you can have two with these phones. )

Many people equate this with cutting corners or including only some of these features.   This is just not the case though, at least in my opinion.   Most of these phones include most all of the features of the iPhone.   You can web browse with them.   You can email and text.   You can use Bluetooth.   They have MP3 / MP4 media players. There is a build in camera / web cam.   And, the memory is expandable. Many of the phone can now accommodate up to 8GB of memory.

Bonus Features Too:  Additionally, these phones do offer bonuses that Apple doesn't.   Almost all of them are dual sim.   This means that you can have two numbers or networks.   Some will use this to find a cheap talk plan and then will just buy a data sim to browse the web as needed so that you aren't paying a monthly contract for this use.

Also, these phones typically have FM radio, more speakers (usually about six) and a removable battery.   With the original iPhone you have to let the manufacturer change your battery when it dies. I believe that the current cost of this is about $79. With the clones, the battery will just pop out.

CECT Quality: I have many of these phones and I must say that when I let people see them and play around with them, almost all are pleasantly surprised at the quality.   The phones are solid, intuitive, and very fast. The touch screens are responsive and have a high resolution. The picture and sound quality is very good.   No, they are not iPhones and never will be, but there are a superior alternative for folks that don't want a contract or a large, continuing expense.

A Look At The CECT P168: The P168 (aka the iClone) is probably the best selling iPhone clone of all time because it was the first and many still consider it to be the best.   It's still widely available and you can sometimes get it today for between $50 - $75.   It gets the job done and is loaded with features.   And, over time, it has been upgraded many times including becoming sleeker, becoming quad band, and adding shake and tilt on models like the P168S and the P168C.

An Overview Of The i9:  Right now, the i9 is probably the best selling up and comer. It's a hybrid of some of the quad band “shake and tilt" models and the best selling iClone.   Here is where the i9 differs from the first clone.   It is quad band.   It has more memory (up to 8GB).   It has upgraded firmware and the “flow touch control" or “menu touch" as it is sometimes called.   It has the shake and tilt feature that allows you to change or go to “next song" by just shaking the phone.   And, probably most important of all, this phone includes Java which means that you can now download third party software and applications.   Finally, this one allows for both sims or networks to be on line at one time without switching back and forth between them.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9, please check out

For much more information (specs, photos, etc. ) about all versions of the CECT P168, please visit


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