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I9 - This Small, Sleek IPhone Clone With Java is Dual Sim, Quad Band, and a Very Good Alternative


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In today's economy, many folks are seeking better, lower prices for almost all services and the “extras" like cell phones (and their services), Internet, and cable are sometimes the first to go.   It doesn't make sense to pay for what you don't use, but it's hard to forego the latest technology, as for many people, staying connected and available is a necessity and not a luxury.  

Luckily, in the world of cell and smart phones, the costs of the “latest technology" is lowering all the time, due to increased competition among carriers and cell phone companies, (including over seas clones that don't have to worry about advertising or marketing costs. ) I've always been a big fan of the clones.   They provide all of the features of the iPhone (including some bonuses), without the costs and they allow you to chose your own carrier.   This article will focus on what is probably one of the most popular knock offs on the market today - the i9.   

But, before I go into the i9 and why I think it's such a great alternative to the iPhone, I want to discuss why this phone is such an upgrade from previous models.   Probably the best selling clone of all time is the CECT P168.   This phone really put the replicas on the map and got a lot of attention because it had dual sim slots, a removable battery (huge at that time) and an FM radio.   Sure, it was met with a little skepticism, but once video of this phone starting circulating the web and the reviews started to come out, most people were willing to give it a try since it was so much cheaper than the original and was contract free.

However, once the novelty started to wear off, consumers started to voice their concerns about what they wanted in the next generation of iClones. The P168 was only tri band and it did not support Java (third party applications (apps) and software) nor did it have what was becoming the popular “shake and tilt" feature.   (This allows you to scroll through music and video only by shaking the phone. The picture will also always right itself no matter which way you turn the phone. )

The i9 is the phone that answers all of these concerns.   It is quad band.   It supports Java and allows for thousands of games and software like SKYPE, MSN, Outlook, Excel, etc.   And,   it does have the “shake to the music" feature that many have grown to appreciate.

There are a few other upgrades to this as well.   This phone can support up to 8GB of memory (as opposed to the first generation's 2 GB) and it is slimmer, sleeker, and faster than the earlier models.   It's no longer quite as clunky and fat.

It has upgraded firmware and the “flow touch" that is so popular on the original.   I find both the sound and photo quality on this phone to be very good.

Price wise, this phone is pretty attractive. Depending on how many GB are included, this phone is sometimes in the lower $100 range.   And, you can chose your own GSM carrier, which can mean a lot in today's economy.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the i9, please click here or visit


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