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M88 Or I9 - Both Are Good iPhone Clones, But Which Would Be Best For You?


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For a while, it seemed that the CECT P168 (the original iClone) was the king of the hill. This phone, which improved upon the original, was fully loaded, user friendly, and priced to sell. This dominance lasted for well over a year, until a quad band version came out and stole a bit of the thunder. More recently, a couple of other new introductions have given this first model a real run for it's money. These are the M88 (aka MiPhone) and the i9 (aka CECT i9). Both are great phones, but they differ from one another in a few ways. I'll discuss how in this article to help you decide if either would meet your needs.

Features: Both of these phones are considered fully loaded with web browsing, bluetooth, messaging, email, MP3 / MP4, digital camera / web cam, FM radio, and e book reader. And, both of these are quad bands, which means that they offer coverage for nearly all GSM sim carrier worldwide.

Both have Java support, which for most people is huge. The original clones did not have Java which meant that you couldn't download third party software and applications. Both of these phones now allow for this, which gives you literally thousands of gaming options as well as software and apps. like SKYPE, MSN chat, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

The Major Differences Between The M88 And The i9: Here are a few of the major differences. The MiPhone has WiFi, GPS, and Windows Mobile 6.0, which makes is much more of a “smartphone". The i9 does not have this.

But, in contrast, the i9 has “shake and tilt control" wherein you can advance songs and media only by shaking the phone. The M88 doesn't have this - nor does it have the “dual sim active" feature which allows you to use both sim slots at the same time, without having to switch back and forth between them. And, the 9 can hold up to 8GB of memory.

Size And Speed Differences: The i9 is a smaller, sleeker phone. The 88 is larger, but this is on purpose because you need a full sized phone in which to use all of the productivity tools that define it.

Which Is Better? So, which is better for you? That depends greatly on what you want in a phone. I find that the M88 appeals to folks who are going to use the phone for productivity and who will be imputing data away from the office - in short, they want a smart phone. The i9 appeals more to people who value entertainment (music, videos, games) etc. And while they do take advantage of the productivity that Java offers, it's not the most important thing to them.

Price wise, the M88 is a bit more expensive because it has more smartphone features. The 9 runs in the low $100 range, while the 88 can be about $100 more, depending on where you get it and how much memory is included. Still, there are generally different audiences for both phones and both seem to find the price appealing.

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