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P168 Cell Phone - Why This is Still One of the Best IPhone Clones on the Market


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Last year, when I first began writing about the P168 iClone, I thought that the fanfare surrounding it would last for a couple of months and then die down.   But, that didn't turn out to be the case at all.   What used to seem experimental or new has now become somewhat main stream.   This clone is now respected for it's own unique features and rightly so.  It offers so much for so little money and it's now widely available. It's no longer difficult to get this phone, or information about it's use,  settings,  instructions, and extras.   There are entire sites and forums dedicated entirely to it.  But, I still regularly get questions about it on my iClone blogs, so today, this article will discuss why I still think this phone is one of the best.

Unique And Plentiful Features: I believe this phone endures because it offers features that are unique to CECT for so little money.   Dual sim was sort of a novelty at first, but now many consumers find it very useful.   This allows you to have two numbers or plans for the price of one.   Many people use one for business and one for personal use, and some use one for data / web browsing and one for talking and texting.

You could always do everything with this phone that you could do with the iPhone - that includes web browsing, texting, emailing, MP3s / MP4s, Bluetooth, and taking photos.   This one has FM radio as well. And, the firmware is extremely similar to the iPhone - ensuring the longevity of this model.

Changing With The Times: There have been many versions of this phone (although the original remains the most popular. )  If you want the shake and tilt feature, check out the P168S.   If you want to have both sim cards on line at once, check out the P168C.   And, the plus model of this phone added an additional band, making this version of the phone a quad band.   This company is very good about listening to what consumers want in a phone and quickly providing it on the cheap. You can get just about any feature that you want in one of these replicas.

The Quality Remains Excellent: When I let people see or play with my phone, they are often surprised at how sturdy it is and how responsive the touch screen is.   This is not a cheap,  inferior knock off, in my humble opinion.   The sound, picture, video, and photo quality is very good.   These phones are known for their excellent speakers, which are loud and crisp.  

They're Cheap: Perhaps the biggest reason this phone has endured is the fact that it has always been very aggressively priced.   This phone came out of the gate at around $100 and as it's popularity increased, it became more widely available and the price stayed low.   Even the newer versions (the plus and the S and C models) remain in the low $100 range.   This and the fact that you are getting so many features with out having a contract if you don't want it, has ensured that folks like me are pretty happy with and loyal to these phones.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on all of the versions of the P168 cell phone, please click here or visit


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