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P168 Dual Sim Phone - Why This Clone is an Excellent Alternative to the IPhone


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I admit that I am one of those people who loved the P168 iClone at first sight.    I only needed a few minutes of playing and experimenting with the phone to be sold on it, and I didn't care if it had a little Apple logo on not.   I know that not every one shared my enthusiasm.   For many folks, there is no substitute to the real thing, and I completely understand that.  

But, I've found that today's economy, combined with the longevity and continued improvement of these phones, has opened a lot of minds.   There's no denying that these phones offer so much for so little cash and many are coming to learn that the quality holds up.   In this article, I'll discuss why I still believe these clones are very good alternatives or replacements for the iPhone, especially for those who hate throwing money away.

Dual Sim Slots For Double Duty:  One thing that gave the knock offs a foot in the door was that they offered dual sim slots.   This allowed business people to have one number for the office and one number for home or it allowed for two different carriers or plans (many people use one plan for talk and one plan for data or web browsing. )  Not every one finds this useful though, and the phone will work fine without it.

Bonus Speakers, FM Radio:  These clones have bonus speakers  - six to be exact - and their sound system and sound quality is extremely good in my opinion.   There is also a very decent quality FM radio included.

Everything Else: Other than paying for a high priced network, you can pretty much do everything with the P168 cell that you can do with the original iPhone.   You can web browse via WAP,  text and send photo messages (via SMS, MMS), email, and listen to MP3s and watch MP4s.   You can listen to the radio, remove the  battery yourself, take photos (via 1.3 MP camera) and videos, and use and transfer data via Bluetooth, SD card or USB cable.   These phones have an incredibly long talk  and standby times (the battery lasts forever) and have the finger touch interface that made the iPhone famous and makes these phones incredibly user friendly.

Very Attractive Pricing: Now that these phones have been out for quite a while, the price has come way down.   You can generally pick one up for well under $100, and sometimes as low as $50 (you can't even get a decent MP3 player for that price).   And, considering the fact that you can use most any GSM carrier of your choosing, that typically equals a substantial savings over the life of the phone.   I highly recommend these phones to parents of teenagers or for folks who change phones a lot, as it much less painful to lose a clone than it is to lose a $400 phone.   And, it's much less painful to upgrade to the “next big thing" when you only spent less than $100 in the first place.   But, I've also found that folks stick with this phone for longer than they think they are going to.   It offers a lot and performs well.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the P168 dual sim phone, please click here or visit


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