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Is the CECT I9 Really Any Good?


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Since I often write about imported (often dual sim) iPhone clones, I was stopped by someone at work the other day who wanted to know “is the cect i9 any good?"  I could've went into a big spiel about the features of the phone and explained why I think that it truly is a great phone.   Instead, though, I just threw him one and let him use it for the day.   By about 5:00, he had made up his mind that he agreed with me.   In this article, I'll explain why both myself and my coworker agree that the CECT i9 actually really is quite good.

It Has Most Everything You Could Want: This phone is loaded with features - starting with all of the standard ones - dual sim slots, MP3 / MP4, Bluetooth, FM radio, an e book reader, handwriting recognition, and digital camera / web cam etc.   It also includes shake and tilt control which means that you can advance songs and media by just giving the phone a gentle shake.

The Upgrades: In addition to all of these things, this i9 has a few upgrades that make it a real standout, as follows:

Java Support: This means that you can now download games, third party applications and software. They are thousands of free games, apps, options, etc.   Many people use this Java support  to download productivity extras like Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Dual Sim Active: This phone allows for two sim slots (two phone numbers and networks) but more than that, you don't have to switch back and forth between the two of them.   They can both be running at once.

Quad Band: Unlike previous models (of which this is an upgrade), the i9 is a quad band rather than a tri band. This means that it pretty much works world wide with almost all GSM carriers.

Faster / More Memory: This phone can hold up to 8GB of memory. Therefore, it is among the fastest clones on the market.   You won't have to worry about applications or downloads bogging down the phone and you can basically download all the movies, games, and videos you want.

Smaller Size: This is probably the sleekest, most stream lined clone on the market today.   It only weighs 95 gram and will look somewhat dwarfed in the palm of your hand.

Usability:   This phone stands up to most all day to day situations.   It is very fast and responsive.   The sound system is, like all CECT products, a stand out.   The shake control is useful rather than quirky and the image and photo quality is pretty good as well.   The dual sim and Bluetooth works near flawlessly and the phone is very intuitive.

The price on this one is pretty decent too.   It's often in the low $100 range, unless you're seriously upgrading the memory.   This ensures when the next upgrade comes around, you won't feel guilty upgrading.   And, you're free to chose your own carrier. So, to answer the question “is the cect i9 really any good, " my answer would be a resounding yes.   For day to day use, it has all I need and then some.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9, please click here or visit


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