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M88 Clone - The Only Feature This Loaded Knock Off With WiFi, GPS and Windows Doesn't Have


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If you asked me to name three iPhone clones that are loaded with the most features (and are also coincidentally the best selling), I would list the T32, the M88, and the i9. Each of these phones are a bit different from each other and each will have features that the others don't.   In this article, I will focus on one of these clones - the M88, aka MiPhone or CECT M88. I will also tell you which features this phone has - and doesn't have.

Standard Inclusions: First, this phone has everything you've come to expect from the imports.   It is dual sim.   It has Bluetooth. You can watch video or listen to the radio or MP3s on it. You can read e books or PDFs. It has a built in camera or web cam.   It can expand to hold up more memory.   You can connect it to your computer and transfer information via USB or flash. It is contact free which means you can pick your own GSM carrier.

Bonus, Popular Upgrades: Perhaps the features which get this phone the most attention (and sales) are the following: WiFi, GPS, and Windows Mobile.   These things (especially all three together) are pretty rare in a clone (although the T32 also has these. )  This one also has Java support, so, together with Windows Mobile, there aren't very many applications that aren't available to this phone.

Additionally, the M88 clone is a quad band.   This is one main difference between it and the T32.   So, this one will work with most all GSM carriers or networks.

The Feature The M88 Doesn't Have: At the beginning of this article, I named the i9 as probably one of the three most popular clones.   One reason for this is that the i9 has the “shake control" or “shake to the music" feature that is popular with some.   With this add on, you can advance music, songs, movies, video, wallpapers, etc. by shaking the phone.   The picture can also go to wide screen by tilting.

The M88 does not have this feature.   But, I find that the people who are attracted to the MiPhone often are because of it's productivity rather than it's ability to shake / advance with your wrist rather than your fingers.

This phone is also a bit larger than some of the other clones.   However, a solid size is needed and generally preferred when you are going to be using the phone to input and enter data.

Price wise, this phone is typically some where in the $200 price range.   Most will consider this pretty reasonable when you consider all that  you're getting without the strings of any particular carrier being attached.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the M88 clone, please click here or visit


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