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The New SciPhone I68 - What Has Been Upgraded on This Newest, Latest Version (Other Than Flo Touch)


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In the past, I have written articles on the SciPhone i68 (aka CECT i68 or Java 68. )  Recently, there has been a new release of this phone. People often want to know, how exactly does this new version (which came out in fall of 2008) differ or is upgraded from the one that came out before it.   There are a few ways and I will go over them in this article.  

The biggest upgrade is the fact that the new one has “menu flo touch" or “flow touch control. "  This means that you can glide your fingers over the phone and it's menu options to scroll around, move thorough the applications, edit photos, advance forward and backwards, etc.

Additionally, the new SciPhone allows both sim cards / slots to be active at at once. This is often called "dual sim standby. "   Dual sim is in my opinion one of main reasons that these clones are so popular and still hold up to this day and remain strong even with all of the new releases and changes in the market.   The other reason is that these phones are contract free.   You aren't stuck with one particular carrier (or two, if you are using different carriers for each sim - one for calls and one for web browsing / Internet. ) The iPhone does not offer this.   (If you don't want both cards / slots, you only have to use one, but most people who want a clone want to use both. )

One upgrade that often gets over looked on this new Sci Phone is the fact that this newer, updated version also has upgraded firmware (2.0). (This is why this phone is sometimes called the P168 with firmware 2.0).

Now, nothing has been taken away on this new one.   It is still the thin, light (only 95 grams), sleek, fast (can hold up to 8GB) i68 that you remember. It is still a quad band.   It still has “shake and tilt control" aka “swing to the music" which allows you to change or advance your entertainment by swinging the phone or to change the orientation of your image by tilting it.   It still allows third party downloads, applications (apps), and software via Java 2.0.   So, you can have still MSN, PowerPoint, Word,  Outlook and all of the other  productivity / gaming options just like the old one.

And, the price has mostly remained mostly the same as well.   That wasn't always true, especially in the beginning. When this updated Sci Phone first came onto the market, it was a bit higher priced, but that has changed as more have become available.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the new, upgraded SciPhone i68, please click here or visit


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