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I9 Iclone - Loaded With Upgrades and Features, More Memory, Java, Dual Sim Active, and Shake Control


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It wasn't too long ago that the P168 iClone was considered the coolest thing around. With it's dual sim slots, bonus features, removable battery, and loud, sharp speakers, it was the best iPhone clone on the market for some time.   But, over time, the call for upgrades started to come.   The P168 was only tri band, it did not support Java, could only hold  2GB of memory, and it didn't have the “shake and tilt" or “swing to the music" control which was becoming so popular on other clones like the A88.

There's been a few phones that came before the i9 iClone.   A few examples are the P168 plus (quad band version) and the SciPhone (i68).   The i9 clone is a bit of an upgrade for them both.   Here's a look at it's features:

One of the biggest feathers in this phone's cap is the fact that it has “dual sim active" this means that you don't have to switch back and forth from one to another.   Both sim A and sim B can be online and working at the same time.

Probably the second biggest upgrade on this phone is the Java support.   Previously, you were not able to download third party soft ware and applications (apps) because there was no Java.   Now, thousands of games and downloads are totally possible and many are free.   Some of the most popular downloads are the Microsoft line - like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

The i 9 is also a quad band.   Although many tri band phones work just fine in the United States and in Canada, if you travel a lot, are over seas, or are one of the few on the 850 MHz band, a quad band phone is probably needed, and is most certainly a safer bet.

For a while, the shake and tilt feature was sort of considered kind of quirky and unneeded.   But then, many consumers really responded to the ability to advance media and songs by just having to shake the phone.   To take the picture from portrait mode to wide screen, you just tilt the phone.   It will right itself no matter which way you are holding it.

You don't have to worry about all of the features bogging down or overwhelming the phone. The i9 clone will support up to 8GB of memory.   The original only supported 2.   Many consider this to be a huge improvement.

Finally, this new phone is probably the sleekest, slickest, and thinnest model to date.   It only weighs 95 grams. A dollar laying side by side it looks huge in comparison.

This phone does not have the WiFi, GPS, etc. (For that, you'll need to check out the T32 or the MiPhone M88), but many consider this phone to have all of the most popular features that most people need and want.

And, price wise, you don't have to pay much more to get this phone.   This one doesn't cost any more than the P168 did in it's hey day.   You'll generally pay anywhere from $100 - $150, depending upon how much memory you opt to include (although you can always upgrade later if you like. )

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the i9 iClone, please click here or visit


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