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CECT I9 Phone Its a Smaller, Thinner Quad Band, and Has Java, Dual Sim Standby and Shake Control


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It's becoming increasingly clear that a larger number of consumers prefer a quad band phone. Many of the new iPhone clones are coming with the 850 MHZ band either already included or available in engineering mode. And, that old novelty feature shake and tilt control (aka shake or swing to the music), is also showing up on a lot of new releases. The model that I will discussing today (cect i9 phone) has both quad band and shake and tilt, but it has a few new features that haven't really been main stream or widely available until now. I will discuss these features in this article.

I've already discussed that the phone is quad band. This means that it works world wide with almost all GSM networks. You don't have to install software or drivers. You just plug in the sim card. Many of the clones are tri band and for most people this is enough. However, for those that need the 850 MHZ band or travel extensively, a quad band is the safer bet.

If you are not familiar with shake and tilt (and aren't sure if you need or would like it) it means that you can forward the applications of the phone (songs, videos, pictures, etc. ) by shaking rather than scrolling. You can tilt the phone to take it to wide screen.

Java: I believe that the reason that this phone has enjoyed such a huge amount of popularity is because it supports third party software and downloads via Java 2.0. This means that so many additional things are possible. Many people use this for Microsoft applications such as PowerPoint, MSN, Outlook, etc. This makes the phone a true productivity smart phone which makes it very useful when away from the office or school. And, there are some who are more interested in using the Java for gaming downloads, but to each his own.

Dual Sim Active: Almost all iPhone clones have two sim slots available. This is one major area where these phones offer more than the original. People love being able to use two networks or two phone numbers, never having to worry about missing a call when you are online. And, unlike most knock offs that are dual sim, you don't have to switch back and forth between the two. They can both be online at once.

Huge Memory Capability: The i9 phone is most often sold with 2 - 4GB of memory, but it can hold up to 8GB. This way you don't have to worry that the phone will freeze up or slow down as you add on and use more memory. It also ensures that functioning remains fast.

Most Everything Is Here: Of course, this iclone has all of the goodies we've come to anticipate. You can browse the web and email. It also has Bluetooth, handwriting recognition, an e book reader, and FM radio. There is also an MP3 / MP4, a digital camera, and a web cam.

What this one does not have is the GPS, WiFi, and Windows Mobile that is available on other high end clones like the T32 and M88. But, the consumers who are attracted to the i9 are typically going to be a different customer than the one who gravitates to the T32. And, with the Java capability you can download many of the Microsoft windows applications.

And, price wise the i9 is a lot less than the T32 or the M88. You can often get a CECT i9 in the low $100 range.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9 phone, please click here or visit


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