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CECT M88 (AKA MiPhone) - A Look at This New iPhone Clone With Java, GPS, Windows and Wi-Fi


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I don't think that I was the only one who was very happy when the CECT T32 first came out.   The iClone's are awesome phones, but one common complaint about them is that they weren't true “smart phones" as they didn't have Java, Wi-Fi, or Windows - so you couldn't really use the useful and popular Microsoft applications like Outlook, Word, etc.  

The T32 changed all of that and it is a very popular phone. However, with the recent release of the M88, the T32 now has a run for it's money.   Many people get these phones confused, so this article will attempt to point out the features and specs on the CECT M88.

The 32 (or Daxian X999 as it is sometimes called) has WiFi, Windows, And GPS.   The HiTune T68 has Windows and the i9 has Java, so these features are not unheard of on the knocks offs but very few have all of them in one phone.   Granted, there is a large subset of people who don't want or need all of these features, but those who do are beginning to have more and more choices.

Unlike the 32, the 88 is quad band which allows many AT&T users access to the phone. (You can check with your carrier to see which you need. )

It also has the “touch" interface which is also called “menu flow in and out" which allows you to scroll around and edit with just your fingers. It is fully loaded with all of things we've come to know and love about the replicas.   You can browse the web, check your email, text and message. You can view video on the MP4 and listen to music on the MP3. There is an FM radio, an e book reader and handwriting recognition. The digital camera is a bit of an upgrade here (it also doubles as a web cam) at 2.0 mega pixels (as opposed to 1.3). The phone also has Bluetooth and has expandable memory.

Tons of game downloads are available for this via Java, but I've noted that more people are attracted to it because of it's productivity.   They like the ability to use Excel, PowerPoint, MSN, etc - basically all of the Microsoft applications that you might use at the office.   

Note though that some sellers use different names for this phone. However, most phones sold as a M88 are not dual sim.   It is single sim. It also does not have the “shake and tilt" feature.   But, I think the manufacturers are banking on the fact that a very specific consumer is going to want this phone - and these two features are thought to be more novelty than productivity.  

One other thing I think this phone has going for it is the fact that it is a larger or standard size.   Many of the new “minis" can make it a bit difficult to fully take advantage of all the applications. Entering documents into the smaller phones can be slow and tedious, but this one is large enough for speed and accuracy.

The M88 (often also called the MiPhone) is often a bit cheaper than the CECT T32, depending upon the memory.   Usually, you'll find these in the lower to mid $200s for a new one. Sometimes, though, you can find a used one or luck out at under $200.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT M88, please click here or visit


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Which IPhone Clone Has WiFi? The CECT T32 (AKA Daxian X999) Heres a Look at Its .
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