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XPhone Tri Band Phone - This New iPhone Clone Has Many Popular Features and Comes in Many Colors


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It seems like there is a new iPhone clone coming out all the time.   I suppose this high supply is due to consumer interest and a high demand.   In today's economy, it can make sense to have the flexibility of being free to chose your own low cost carrier without being forced to go with the network hawked by the phone you want.  

In my opinion, the influx of clones onto the market has been favorable to consumers because the competition keeps the prices low and the amount of phones constantly coming out ensures that you're able to customize your phone with the exact features that you want.  

Speaking of customizing your phone, one of the new iPhone knockoffs, the X Phone, allows you to chose from several colors and finishes.   This article will discuss the features and specs on this new X model phone.

Tri Band: Although you should definitely check with your own network or carrier, this phone works with most GSM networks, especially in North America.   This one runs on the GSM frequencies 900, 1800, and 1900.  So, most people will not have a problem. You just insert your GSM sim card and the phone will read it.  However there are a few AT&T and Cingular customers who run on the 850 band so check to make sure.

Have You Seen The Gold iPhone Clone?: Probably the biggest stand out feature on this phone is the ability to get it in several finishes and colors. Although that I have found that by far gold is the most popular, it also comes in red, blue, silver and black.

Shake And Tilt: Although there are still some clones that don't have this feature (not everyone loves it or thinks it's useful), many of the newer clones today have an add on which is also known as “shake control" or “swing / shake to the music. "  What this means is that you can forward or advance music, media, video, wall papers, media etc. by only shaking the phone.   Likewise, when you tilt the phone, the picture or video will always right itself.   You can take the phone from portrait to landscape or wide screen just by tilting it.

Other Standard Features: The Xphone is what is called “dual sim standby" which means that you can have two phone numbers or networks running at the same time.  So, you could text on T Mobile and web surf on AT&T.  This makes it incredibly popular with executives and business people, folks who take a lot of calls (or want two numbers for them), or people who want to talk with one sim and web browse with another. But, you don't have to use both sims if you don't want to.

This phone comes fully loaded with all of the things we've come to expect from the Chinese knock offs,  including web browsing and Internet browsing, full MP3 / MP4 capabilities, a high resolution digital camera / web cam, FM radio, and Bluetooth. This phone also has the “flow touch" interface which allows you to manipulate documents and media, (as well as scrolling) by only using your fingers.

The memory is expandable on this one for up to 2GB.

The Xphone has an extremely generous talk time of 200 - 320 minutes and a very long stand by time of 150 - 350 hours.

Data transfer is via USB cable, making it very easy to transfer information and data back and forth from computer to mobile phone.

Cost: The average price of the XPhone is right now about $150, depending on how much memory is included.  (I'll bet this comes down in a short period of time though. ) This makes it priced about average for what is included.  

I find that most people are comfortable with paying that price  because they are really interested in getting an iPhone clone in a color other than black and silver and the X phone is one of the few models that offers this.

To view close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the XPhone, please click here or visit


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