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Has the CECT I9 Replaced the iClone CECT P168 As the Premiere, Most Popular iPhone Clone?


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Starting last year, the CECT P168 (iClone or “original iPhone clone") had a very long run as the best selling clone (by far. ) I believe this is because this little knock off offered so many bonus features that were hard to pass up (more surround sound speakers, two sim slots, a removable battery, and an FM radio. ) Plus, the fact that it didn't require any specific expensive carrier or network added to it's appeal.

However, even though most every one loved the phone, there were a few things put on the wish list for upcoming, upgraded models.

The P168 was tri band and although this covered most people in most locations, the 850 MHz band was missing. Although most people aren't on this band, some were (rural AT&T and Cingular consumers. ) And, some consumers wanted the capability to travel anywhere and not have to worry about reception.

Another item on the wish list was Java support. The original iClone did not allow for third party software or gaming downloads which really limited the phone's use.

Finally, the original model did not have the “shake and tilt" or “shake to the music" feature which was gaining huge popularity on models like the A88 or the A8 . Shake control means that you don't have to scroll or fumble around. You only need to shake the phone to advance music and media. You can also take the video or images from portrait to landscape (wide screen) by tilting it. The image will always right itself no matter which way you turn it.

As you may have suspected, the CECT i9 has everything I've mentioned that is on the “wish list". It's quad band. It has the shake and tilt control. And, it supports Java which means that you can download thousands of third party software, applications and games (many free) like Outlook, MSN, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Additionally, there are a few other stand out upgrades that have contributed to this phone quickly overtaking the P168 in terms of sales.

First, the i9 can hold up to 8GB of memory. Obviously, this makes for a faster, less bogged down performance and gives you the ability to grow and expand with the phone.

And, the CECT i9 has what is called “dual sim active" which means that sim card A and sim card B can both be online at one time - without having to switch back and forth between them.

So, yes, the i9 is a definite upgrade to the P168. It's becoming more and more widely available and it's pretty reasonably priced. Of course, you will pay a bit more if you want one that includes 8GB. Still, it's rarely priced over $150.

Which of these phones is going to work better for you is going to depend greatly on what you need or want in a phone. The P168 is still an awesome phone and it's a great choice from some one who wants a dirt cheap smart phone with all the bells and whistles (you can now get these for well under $100. ) The i9 is the latest, most complete model and it's selling very briskly. It is also reasonably priced.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing on the CECT i9, please click here or visit


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iPhone Cect P168 - China's Improvement On iPhone Technology
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