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XBox 360 Premium A New Form of Indoor Gaming


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It is a gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. Microsoft who are hailed as world's best software manufacturing company has come up with this ground breaking gaming system. But before that it is very necessary to understand the background, that why these games become so popular. Earlier there used to be kind of games indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games as it is clear from names are the games which are or can be played under a roof. These games are chess, ludo and others. While outdoor games refer to those games which are played in open.

However, a need of totally different indoor game was felt with the arrival of television and computers. These games were the games that were intentionally made only for the person who are generally stays indoor or their most of the day is spend indoors only. Hence to serve these special class of people, these games were designed. When this path breaking concept of indoor gaming was introduced, it swept people of their feet. Within no time the popularity of these gaming consoles touched sky. But earlier these gaming machines were very costly. However with the passage of time, manufacturers realised this and started to produce more economical versions of these consoles and XBox 360 Premium is one of them.

XBox 360 Premium is manufactured by Microsoft with the assistance of ATI, IBM and SiS. This gaming system is the successor of Xbox and is launched in competition with PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. This device represents the seventh and the most advanced generation of gaming consoles. Efficient and performance-oriented in every possible way, this gaming machine can give any gaming console a run for its money. This console from Microsoft is a multi-utility gadget capable of entertaining in any form. It is because it can play arcade games, trailers, demos of the games, television shows and even movies. Not only that it can even download this all content from Internet.

Talking about its specifications, XBox 360 Premium can work with either a 20 giga bytes hard drive or with 120 giga bytes hard drive, depending upon the spending capacity of the users. It also has 512 mega bytes of RAM. The controller input consists of both wired and unwired or a combination of both at the maximum number of 4 only. It also comes with a game processing unit ( GPU ) of 500 mega hertz naming ATI Xenos. Even the CPU ( central processing unit ) comes with 3.2 giga hertz PPC tri-core Xenon. It has embedded DVD, DVD-DL and CD drives. The latest addition to this gaming console is that it can also has embedded HD-DVD drive. Speaking of its connectivity feature, this gaming machine has got 3 x USB 2.0, IR port and Ethernet of 100 Mega bits. Thus user can take extra advantage of its versatility and enjoy it.

All in all if spoken about XBox 360 Premium is a gaming console that stands apart from its other counter parts. Its distinct and unique features can serve as eye catcher for any person. Playing on this gaming gadget can prove to be the ultimate experience. It is because not only it is a multi-utility gadget but at the same time is a stand out entertainer. The controllers provide the navigation and playing ease . The built-in menu is its another feature, which serve as a perfect guide to operate the console. It is so easy to operate that even an amateur can handle it without any difficulty. At the end it would be appropriate to declare that it has all the qualities that makes it virtually different from others gaming consoles available in market today.

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