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CECT I9 A Shake and Tilt Quad Band With Java, More Memory (4GB), and a Smaller, Sleeker, Size


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The CECT i9 is an updated iPhone clone that includes Java and has one of the most expandable memory capacities (4GB) available on the market today. This article will discuss some of the features of this phone as well as its inspiration (the SciPhone) and how it differs from the original.

There's no question that the SciPhone i68 (on which the i9 is based) is extremely popular. I believe that both the i68 and the i9 sell so well due to several reasons.

Why These Java Shake And Tilts Are So Popular: First, both phones have the latest addition of Java which allows so many more productivity and gaming options on the phone, like MSN, PowerPoint, and Excel to name only a few. There are literally thousands of third party software downloads available which allows you to personalize the phone based on your needs.

Second, both the i68 and the i9 are small, sleek, and fast. Although many folks really like a full sized HiPhone or iClone on which to watch video, most have really liked the smaller, sleeker size that fits into a small pocket. Almost all love these phones’ speedy performance.

Third, these Java iPhone knock offs have the shake and tilt control, which allows you to advance or change media and music by only shaking the phone. You can also take the phone to wide screen by tilting it.

Finally, these phones are among the few shake and tilt replicas that are quad band which means that they work almost anywhere worldwide on almost any network.

Features / Upgrades On The i9: So, when CECT upgraded the i68 in the form of the i9, the new phone was immediately embraced as much as the old one still is. With the i9, the manufacturer has upgraded the digital camera (the i9 has a 2.0 mega pixel model with advanced editing features) and expanded the memory capacity to 4GB.

The i9 has the touch menu flow, a 3.2 inch finger touch, high definition screen, and dual sim standby. Like all of the clones, it comes unlocked so that you can use whichever carrier you wish.

As you might expect, CECT has jammed just about every feature imaginable into one little phone, like: web browsing and emails (MMS, GPRS, WAP 2.0); Bluetooth; MP3/ MP4; FM radio (with the ability to record); web cam; and an e-book reader.

This phone also has CECT's loud and sharp trademark speakers, and is very thin, small and lightweight at only 95 grams. In terms of appearance, the i9 looks extremely similar to the SciPhone and it maintains the fast, zippy performance (i9's with 4GB are obviously going to be among the fastest iPhone clones on the market today).

Price wise, it's again similar to the i68, running in the mid range, with around $150 currently coming in as the base price. Frankly, I'm surprised that it is starting out this low as a clone's price usually lowers pretty soon after release. No, the i9 doesn't have WiFi like the T32 (it would be nice if it did), but it has just about everything else.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications and real time rock bottom pricing the CECT i9 phone, please visit

To view much more information on the SciPhone i68 (also mentioned in this article) please visit


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What is the Best Dual SIM, Shake and Tilt iPhone Clone With Java? The SciPhone ..
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