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What Are The Differences Between The Shake And Tilt iPhone Clones?


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Lately, the shake and tilt iPhone clones have become extremely popular. This is probably because like the popular dual sim feature, the shake and tilt feature has become an improvement that is here is stay. Consumers like being able to change songs, media, wall paper, photos and video just by shaking the phone, without having to look down or scroll. And it's very useful to able to change the phone to wide screen just by tilting it, especially if you take or watch a lot of video.

However, there are several of these shaking phones on the market and it is sometimes difficult to perceive the differences in the phones or to know why one model costs more than another. Here is a brief description of the basic features of several of the most popular models. All of the phones listed have the same iPhone based features such as the ability to surf the web, email, text, MP3/MP4 capabilities, Bluetooth, and built in web cams and digital cameras.

The HiPhone or HiPhone i32 is probably the best selling of the shakers right now. It mostly comes with the popular black on the front and silver on the back casing and has the wording “HiPhone" for its logo on the back. It has the largest touchscreen of all of the tilt phones at 3.5 inches. Of all of the clones, it performs and looks most like the iPhone, making good on its “99% iPhone" slogan. Price wise, the HiPhone starts at about $150.

The CECT A380i or A380 is extremely similar in appearance and performance to the HiPhone with only a couple of differences. The A380 has an actual silver apple themed logo on the back of the phone (which is why it is sometimes called the Apple A380i) and it has a smaller touchscreen at 3.0 inches. The 380 is among the most popular of the shaking models at this time. It has an almost cult following and it's priced similarly to the HiPhone, starting at $150.

The CECT A8 is a cross between the A380i and the HiPhone with a 3.2 inch touchscreen. The casing on the A8 is silver on the back and black on the front. It has no logos or wording on it. The A8 has very nice vibrating speakers and an e-book reader. It is also a bit less expensive than the A380i and the HiPhone, usually starting between $120-$130.

The CECT A88 is, from what I can tell, the same phone as the A8 . For some reason a few sellers are changing up the names, but everything about the two phones that I own appear to be exactly the same.

To see video, photos, specifications, features and rock bottom pricing for the HiPhone, click here.

To see video, photos, specifications, features and rock bottom pricing for the CECT A380i, click here.

To see video, photos, specifications, features and rock bottom pricing for the CECT A8 , click here.


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