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A88 - Among The Newest Dual Sim iPhone Clones With Shake And Tilt Technology


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There's little controversy that China's iPhone clones were a runaway success. Not only did the iClones very convincingly copy iPhone technology, they actually changed the technology with a few improvements that have stuck.

First, the Chinese clones added a removable battery and surround sound speakers and these features were much appreciated. But the bonuses which ensured these phones would sell long after the iPhone frenzy died down was the slide unlock feature, the dual sim (two phone numbers) feature, and the new shake and tilt feature. These three things have ensured that these phones are no longer considered fly by night knock offs and are here to stay.

The A88 is among the newest of the shake and tilt iClones. With this new technology, when you want to change the songs, wallpaper, video or photos, you simply gently shake the phone. You don't have to look down or even bother to scroll. Also, when you are watching video or viewing photos or media, if you want to change the phone to wide screen, you only have to tilt it.

Like the clones that inspired it, the A88 has full smartphone features like an oversized touchscreen with finger touch as well as the ability to surf the web, email, and text, as well as full MP3/ MP4 capabilities, and a built in web cam and digital camera. The picture on this phone is crystal clear and the vibrating speakers produce an amazing sound.

Price wise, the A88 is usually less than $150 if you know where to look. Here's a tip. The A88 and the HiPhone or HiPhone i32 are really one in the same. However, the term HiPhone is more widely used and therefore usually more expensive. Buying this phone under the term A88 usually means that you will pay less for it.

To see videos, photos, specs and real time rock bottom pricing on the A88 Cell Phone, click here.


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