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Essential Smartphone Accessories for All

North Maxfield

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The latest waves of smartphones are super hardcore and possess the power to perform various computing task that were not even possible few years back. These smartphones have all the features that any person can possibly need. People now cannot afford to go anywhere without their smartphone, this is because of the fact that they are synced with their personal data including music, videos, documents and others. People want complete access to their data at any time; this is why there are many accessories available that assist in providing full features of a smartphone. These accessories can protect your device from accidental bumps and drops. There are also accessories available that enables you to experience many great features of the smartphone like HDMI cable and external speakers. Accessories described below are essential for every smartphone owner if they want to achieve more out of their smartphone than just making phone calls.

Smartphone Chargers

The latest smartphones with huge screens and massive performance drain battery very fast. To maintain their responsiveness and productivity portable chargers are available that can be plugged in to socket or car outlet. If you are travelling and you don’t have access to any of these, you can use battery powered charger that uses combined cell power to charge your smartphone.

Hands-Free Accessories

Hand-free are packed with almost every device; they have become a necessity of every smartphone user. It provides the convenience of listening songs and receiving call without occupying your hands. There are normally two types of hand-free: wired and wireless, both serve the same purpose however, wireless provides more flexibility. Wireless hand-free uses the Bluetooth technology, which is now featured in every smartphone, to connect. The latest cars are also coming with Bluetooth hand-free that allows you to take calls without the need of holding your phone in your hands. This is feature is very suitable as it gives you complete control of the device on your fingertips.

Cases & Holders

Cases protect your smartphone from all kinds of scratches, bumps and drops. They are manufactured from various materials, the most commonly used materials are plastic, silicon and leather. Silicon is the most durable; it is virtually unbreakable and tends to support most against bumps and casual drops. Plastic cases have infinite designs and color variations, special colorful cases are made for young ladies and teenage girls. Plastic is only good for preventing scratches. The leather pouch are the most expensive and elegant pouch. Some cases are equipped with built-in holders that allow users to watch movies and videos without holding it in their hands continuously. Some holders also facilitate charging


Without any doubt, batteries are the most vital component of the smartphone. The latest smartphones consumes far more battery then the previous generation of phones. For this reason spare battery should be carried when going on a long trip or a vacation. Every battery has its own specification which shows the battery endurance rate and is mention in milliamp. It is very crucial to check the millamp and volts before buying a spare battery or else your device can get damage.

Screen Protectors

The screen is the most vulnerable part of the smartphone therefore it is very important to protect it from scratches. Without the protection screen will acquire scratches which will decrease the visibility of the screen. There are mainly two types of screen protectors available; one which has anti reflection capabilities, the other has a dark shade. There are many companies manufacturing screen protectors, always choose the superior quality so that it last longer and protect well.

Data Cables

There are many data cables supported by smartphones. They allow you to connect your smartphone to a high resolution display, transfer data in to your device and connect external storage devices like flash drives. Always ensure which cable your smartphone supports.

As now you are fimiliar with all the essential smartphone accessories, you can also reduce the cost of your purchase by simple applying the relevant coupon code available at various online sites. Among the popular online stores is considered to be the best in providing substantial discount on your purchase.


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