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Is Using BlackBerry on International Roaming the Only Option Left?

Ravi Keshri

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It has become a trend to carry a Blackberry wherever you go. It makes e-mail accessibility simpler and allows instant connectivity through BBM services. With today’s working environment, it has also become a necessity to stay connected with your team during office or wee hours.

While you are going on a family or an official trip abroad, you can’t get away from your responsibility and leave your phone behind. In such a situation, it is important to take BlackBerry services on roaming so as to access e-mails, download data and connect through instant messenger.

However, it is not an unknown fact that data roaming on mobiles is an expensive affair. Have you ever thought the reason behind huge international telecom bills? While using global roaming SIM card on BlackBerry, the user’s request to access data involves two carriers that are located in two different countries. Both of the carriers work on different telecom regulations and also don’t have any association to provide benefits to the mobile user. Due to this, the channel of accepting request to access data on handset goes to the foreign network which sends it further to the home network. Hence, this procedure incurs huge costs that are borne by the user at the end of the month.

While considering the need of mobile phone in your travel abroad, it is important to have a cost-effective solution that can serve the purpose without putting you into cost trouble. There are few international mobility solutions provider that offer lucrative plans for global BlackBerry SIM cards . They also provide voice plans with data services to ensure uninterrupted connectivity all round the clock. The best part is that each plan can individually be customized to meet the travellers’ requirements.

Many travellers have started using cost-effective data services to get relief from international roaming expenses. Whether you are a frequent or occasional traveller, you would not like to spend huge on accessing voice or data services on your international travel. Moreover, when there is a new service available in the telecom market, it is wise to give it a chance to prove its worth.

If you are planning a trip to abroad, you can also consider an alternative option of data roaming by taking country-specific SIM cards enabled with data services. By this, you would be able to save on telecom expenses and use the same amount to make your trip more luxurious and relaxing.


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Hire SIM Cards before Departure to Avoid International Roaming
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