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Buying and Installing Sim Cards on the CECT i9


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A huge selling point of the CECT i9 is that it allows for two sim cards (which translates into two phone numbers, prepaid plans, or networks. ) However, I get a lot of questions about these little cards.   Most concerns are about which cards will work and how to install them correctly. I'll address and answer these concerns in the following article.

How To Install The i9 Sim Cards Correctly: I know that this is going to sound simplistic to some, so please forgive me.   But, I can't tell you how many emails I get from people who think that the phone isn't working correctly because they have the card incorrectly installed.   The phone can't read the information if you have it installed wrong.   And, it's not as intuitive as you might think.   Many people will install both cards with the gold side facing down.   But, this will work on only one slot.  

Card number one is placed in the slot closest to the battery cover of the phone (the top of the two. )  It should be placed with the gold side down and the edged corner facing to the right.   Card number two is placed in the slot closest to the actual battery (on the bottom) with the gold side facing up and the edged corner facing to the left.

If you do have it set up this way and something is still not working, go into the settings and make sure that both slots are open.   Go into the “settings" icon,  then hit "dual sim settings" and make sure that “dual sim open" is checked off (or at least that the card that you are trying to install is marked open. )

Which Sim Cards Will Work On The i9?: In short, any GSM card will work. The two that are most commonly used are AT&T and T Mobile.   These work with the contract and prepaid cards including T Mobile To Go And AT&T's Go Phone.   If you're going to be using the Internet on this phone (and why wouldn't you?), you'll need data included with the plan or card.   You can often get unlimited T Mobile cards (includes unlimited voice, Internet, MMS, SMS, etc. ) for little more than $20.  These last for thirty days. However, you will likely get a new number each time.  This really isn't an issue if you have one slot on which you take calls and have a permanent phone number that you don't change.  Then, it really doesn't matter if the slot you use for data changes it's number, since you don't talk on that number, except for to make (not receive) calls.

Another alternative is that  AT&T's go phone offers you data plans for $4.99 and $9.99 respectively, depending upon how much usage you need.   (My son gets by just fine to check his email and browse his favorite sites using the $4.99 option and Opera Mini, a free Java browser which compresses information. ) But, if you download a lot of material or are going to be a heavy or daily user, you will probably get by cheaper if you find an prepaid, inexpensive unlimited card.

For resources for set up instructions that provide WAP, Internet and MMS settings for the CECT i9 as well as pre paid data sim card options and other accessories ( like cases, chargers, skins, etc. ) please visit

For much more information about the CECT i9 phone (video, photos, specs, pricing, etc. ) please check out


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Tips in Buying Prepaid Calling Cards
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