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Why the Users Manual on the CECT A88 Mobile Phone is Its Most Popular Accessory


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I've been writing about the iPhone clones for almost a year now and I own or have tested most of them. I find that almost without question, what I am asked most about these clones is how easy it is to get instructions (first) and accessories (second) for them.

Although purchasing an unlocked, knock off phone makes a whole lot of sense in an economy with $4 per gallon gas, and the clones are not really a hard sell in terms of price and performance, I find that the main reason people hesitate to buy one is that they are afraid that they won't be able to set up the phone once they purchase it. Most people believe that the set up instructions and user's manuals are going to be in Chinese.

I understand these concerns. It would be very frustrating to go out on a limb to purchase a clone, only to not be able to use it. But if you're considering one, you should know that, although the phones and their set up is pretty intuitive, there are user's manuals and instructions available in just about every language under the sun for nearly every carrier / network on which the phone works.

In terms of the CECT A88, there is help available (generally for under $10) specifically for networks like AT&T, T Mobile, Cingular, and Rogers Wireless, to name only a few. Among other things, these will instruct you on how to set up internet (WAP, GPRS and MMS) for the phone. Without any doubt, this is what people ask about (and are concerned with) the most.

In the world of CECT A88 accessories, people often also ask about cases, skins, sync cables, replacement batteries, Bluetooth headphones, and extra sim cards. These are all easily available and cheap as well. But bar none, (by a huge margin), folks are more interested in whatever can reassure them in their ability to get this phone set up and running than they are in obtaining extras for it, at least initially.

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