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Users Manual Or Set Up Instructions For the CECT A380i Phone Reassurance You May Need


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Since I often write about (and use) the iPhone clones, people sometimes ask me about accessories and the difficulty of set up. I suppose people want assurance that, should they chose to go with an import iPhone knock off, they won't need to know Chinese or order extras, accessories, and instructions from China or overseas.

The truth is, these Chinese clones are not at all a hard sell, even though they are imports. The tanking of the economy pretty much ensured that consumers would want to know more about unlocked phones, so that they were free to shop the least expensive networks and carriers with the most generous amounts of minutes, internet and messaging options for the least amount of money.

And, many import iClones have extremely innovative and bonus features that improve upon the original like dual sim slots, shake and tilt, and FM radios, analog television, and e book readers. If you've found this article, you probably already know that the CECT A380i is among the most popular shake and tilt iPhone clones on the market.

However, if you're researching accessories and support for it, you may be reassured to know that you don't need to know or be able to read Chinese or a foreign language to be able to understand, set up, or use it.

The 380i is pretty easy to get up and running. It needs no drivers of software and will read your sim card. But, support, user's manuals, set up instructions, and guides are easily available in just about every language on the planet and also for specific carriers. You can now get help for specific networks like Cingular, Rogers Wireless, AT&T and T Mobile, to name a few. These tell you how to set up internet, MMS, SMS, WAP, GPRS, texting and messaging, incoming call information / photos, etc.

Second to wanting to know how to get started with the phone, people also want reassurance that they won't have to order internationally to get accessories for it. You won't. Extras and spares for this phone are readily available, usually for under $10. As I'm sure you can imagine, when an item becomes popular, a whole industry of accessories and support for it pops up very quickly, as is the case here.

You can typically easily obtain cases, extra sim cards, skins, data or sync cables, replacement batteries, and additional memory. And you won't need to travel outside of your home or spend a lot of money to get them.

To obtain more information about the CECT A380i user's manuals, set up guides, instructions, or accessories mentioned in this article, please visit

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