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Cell Phone Accessories

Alok Kumar

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Cell phones are no more just used for communication. It has become a fashion statement and like any other fashion object, one needs to be unique and add accessories to it to get a fresh new look. Using these accessories one can add more features to the cell phone and express his or her own style. One can add accessories to the cell phones in two ways. Like all other gadgets, cell phones can be upgraded by adding hardware and software. In this article we will talk about the software.

Some such accessories are ring tones, themes, wallpapers and games. These accessories are easily available on line and are usually free to download. By using these accessories you can express your own style or create a dedication to your favorite movie, song, actor or tune.

As the name suggests, ring tone is the type of ring your cell phone makes when you receive a call. It is an alert tone. Earlier ring tone was nothing but a set of monotonous beeps. But now you can down load your favorite song as your ring tone. You can also create your own melodies and set it as your ring tone.

Cell phone wallpaper is same as computer wallpaper that is saved on the desktop. It gives a beautiful look to the cell phone and puts a smile on your every time you look at the cell and find your favorite image on it. There are a huge variety of wall papers for you to choose from like cars, flowers, abstract, celerity pictures, animals, nature etc. you can also save a picture of your self or a loved one as a wall paper.

Theme is a combination of all the above. Theme is a package. It offers related wallpaper, ring tone and color tones for the cell phone. For example, if you choose Spiderman theme, then the ring tone could be the soundtrack of the movie and the wall paper could an image of a fascinating stunt of the movie. To compliment themes, the screen of all the other function might be a combination of blue and red, which is the color of Spiderman's costume. There are numerous such themes to choose from. These themes are not ridged. You can make changes to the theme to personalize it to suit your style. some websites offer themes for holidays as well to add to the fun and frolic.

All these accessories are easy to download from the internet. Most of the times they are free of charge but if there is a charge then it's very minimal. Check the compatibility of your cell phone to the accessory before you download as it may fail to provide the effect that you are looking for.

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