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CECT P168 Accessories - Extras That You May Need For Your IClone


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Of all of the iPhone clones currently on the market today, the CECT P168 remains the most popular. For this reason, this clone has the most accessories that are readily available. When I first got the phone, I found that although people who asked to see it were intrigued by it, they assumed that it was difficult or expensive to get accessories and extras. This just isn't the case. As this phone has become more mainstream, I see less and less of these assumptions all of the time. Here is a list of the most popular accessories for the P168:

CECT P168 Instruction Manuals, User's And Internet Guides: Perhaps the biggest reason that people hesitate to pursue this phone is that they think because it is an import, they need to know Chinese. Nope, not true. First, the phone is pretty intuitive and easy to figure out. But if you do have questions, there are a slew of guides, manuals, e-books and software that is readily available in just about every language imaginable, usually costing less than $10. There are also guides available for specific carriers like AT&T, T Mobile, and Cingular, to name only a few.

Hands Free Head Sets/ Sunglasses: There are numerous Bluetooth and other brand headsets or sunglasses with headsets available for this phone. Again, they are very inexpensive, usually under $15

Cases And / Or Skins: As this phone becomes mainstream, more and more skins and cases are becoming available. There's your standard leather pouch, belt clip or carrying case, but now there are more playful colors and textures. There is also a wide variety or silicone skins that protect the phone. The best part is it's rare to pay over $5 for either of these.

Replacement Or Extra Batteries: This is a very efficient phone with a talk time of 180 to 200 minutes and a stand by time of up to 150 hours, but you will eventually need to change the battery and when you do, you won't need to visit the dealer as with the iPhone. These batteries are very cheap too, usually in the $2 - $3 range.

Additional Memory And / Or Sim Cards: The P168 is dual sim, so you may need a spare. Additionally, the memory on this is expandable to 2GB, so an additional memory card can be a good idea. Both usually run under $10.

Car Chargers And Home Chargers: These are usually included with you cell phone purchase, but it never hurts to have extras. These are dirt cheap, usually well under $5.

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CECT P168 Touchscreen Phone - Still The Gold Standard
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