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Broadband Internet is like a broad highway where the traffic is fast and unhindered. There are no irritating and wasteful delays or holdups that leave you wringing your hands helplessly while you fret and fume for the traffic to clear up. The traffic is fast, smooth and clear round the clock.

Access to the Internet through broadband is must faster - sometimes 10 to 20 times - and easier than with a dialup modem. A broadband connection has a speed range of 256 Kb/per second to 10Mb/per second. The high and uninterrupted transfer of files saves you a lot to time. For example, take a simple case of downloading a music file. While an ordinary music file takes a long time of several minutes to download on 28.8kbit/sec dialup modem connection, it takes hardly a few seconds to download the same file on a broadband connection. Similarly, while an email containing an e-book keeps you yawning during download on the dialup modem, it just takes seconds to appear on your computer screen in the case of a broadband connection.

You can connect to the Internet with just a click of your mouse if you have a broadband connection. Compare this to a dialup modem, for which you have to wait for a connection every time you want to go online. You do not need a phone line while you are connected through broadband. Obviously this means a great saving in terms of money and other hassles connected with a phone service. You can connect with several computers simultaneously with the same broadband Internet connection.

Returning to the highway traffic metaphor, if you are speeding fast and hassle free, you can reach your business destination very quickly, execute the business, transfer your large files, graphics, images, music, videos, audios etc at much greater speed. You can also contact other businesspersons through their web pages or email addresses very easily and conduct your business very smoothly. This makes it very efficient to communicate with your employees or hold videoconferences with your peers, saving a lot of time, energy and money.

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Using a broadband speed test can also test questionable unlimited broadband ..
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