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The cost of T1 service has dropped considerably since its inception in the early 1960’s. No longer is this service for large corporations only. Mid sized and even small businesses can now benefit from dedicated T1 service. For the home business/home office, this service might still be a bit expensive. It’s best to run your own quotes for service and cost it out. Business grade DSL is a viable and cost effective solution for the smaller business owner and the topic of a future article.

Given the cost effectiveness of T1 service, the aim of this short article is to provide a general overview of what this service is and how you can leverage this type of communications infrastructure in your own business.

To start with, T1 service provides 24 channels coming into your office. Each of these 24 channels can be configured for voice, data or integrated voice/data service. Today, with the wide spread popularity of VoIP, you can also configure a full T1 for data and run VoIP for your office phone needs.

T1’s can be used for 24 digitized voice channels or 1.544 megabits per second of data. If you’re using (or considering) a dedicated T1 for voice, the circuit would plug into your existing phone system. (Check with your communications broker to determine if additional equipment is required) If you’re using (or considering) a dedicated data T1, then your circuit would plug into your network router.

If your business currently has 4 or more phone lines, it may be more cost effective to use T1 voice service. Depending on your data (internet) requirements, it may also be cost effective to use a dedicated T1 data service. For normal surfing, you can have hundreds of users all sharing this dedicated T1 data service. To take this a step further you may consider using VoIP over a dedicated T1 data service. Be sure to ask your communications broker about the best setup to meet your specific requirements.

Configuration can run from DSO’s (64 kilobits per second) to OC192 (9.6 gigabits per second). This range certainly makes it a perfect fit for the small business owner as well as the large corporation. If you’re looking to begin building an infrastructure that can grow with your business, consider T1 service. You can get a free quote as well as a free consultation by visiting our site.

Whether you visit our site or someone else’s, be sure to get a no obligation and risk free quote and consultation with a communications expert. It’s best to use a communications broker because as such, we/they are not tied into a specific vendor. Call a specific vendor and that’s the quote you’ll get. A specific vendors quote. Use a communications broker and you’ll be able (or should be able) to get several quotes from several vendors.

T1 service IS much more affordable today and can provide your business with a very cost effective communications infrastructure.

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